Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mecca Cosmetica Brush Cleaner

Let me set the scene for you. You have an accidental Monday morning alarm malfunction and have less than five honest minutes to paint a face. One that would show no trace of what you got up to on the weekend (late night Dr Who marathon by the way). There is not a single clean synthetic concealer brush in sight. Face it, it's time to pick the casualty in your makeup routine. The sensible old lady in me would mix my Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily SPF50 Moisturizer with my MAC Face & Body and just be done with it. It was only at a recent trip to Mecca Cosmetica was I reminded of the wonders of instant brush cleaning wizardry.

The Mecca Cosmetica Brush with Success Cosmetic Brush Cleaner comes in a 150 ml spray bottle and is so easy to use. This is less fiddly compared to other brush cleaners I've used in the past (the one from Minifies when I want to feel profesh) which would require a separate little dish where you would swirl your brush in before drying clean on a paper towel. Just spray directly on to the brush fibres and wipe over a clean tissue. The fragrance is an added bonus - refreshing and not strongly of alcohol.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ruby and Liam at Prefab Hall

I don't get invited to many things so I was quite excited when Ruby invited me along to their show at Prefab Hall. Here are some snaps I took at the Ruby and Liam show as part of Wellington Fashion Week last Thursday.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 Pieces: The Black Heels

Exactly two months after I introduced the idea of '5 Pieces' here on the blog, a really elaborate list of basics remains unpublished in my drafts folder. Writing about basics has truly lost its appeal and I've been turning to Twitter for help on deliberating what counts as basic and what counts towards my five. (Shoutout to Fashion Westie for always always replying and talking sense into me). We have concluded that the Rodarte sweatshirt (no matter how much I need it) should count based on price alone. I still think about this pink Isabel Marant Etoile sweatshirt from time to time. Sigh. 

So let's recap, shall we?

- My first '5 Pieces' purchase was a Mango faux leather jacket. 

- My second purchase are the above Isabel Marant Poppy heels in black. I've currently got them on online laybuy. 

- I went shopping for basics at Glassons, starting out with merino turtlenecks in black and grey. These are perfect for layering. 

Now all I need is the perfect collarless coat. 

image sources here & here

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Miso Kelp Noodles

I celebrated not eating meat for one whole month by making one of my favourite meatless dishes - Miso Kelp Noodles. This recipe is good enough for two hearty servings so I made one dinner and one for lunch the next day. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Lot

Have you heard about Little Lot? It's a gorgeous app for both your desktop and smartphone that provides you with beautiful wallpapers while supporting a cause near and dear to your heart. I had the chance to ask director Steve Hillier about the social movement. 

Who are you and what do you do?

We’re the founders of Little Lot - a social enterprise converting advertising dollars into donations for our 10 partner charities. We got it off the ground late last year and are hoping to build a sizeable NZ audience over the next 3-4 months then launch in Australia/UK/USA later this year!

In a nutshell, how does Little Lot work?

You install our application on your computer or android smartphone, and it places a beautiful branded wallpaper on your lockscreen or desktop background each day. Advertisers are willing to pay top dollar to be featured in these personal spaces; and we donate 75% of that advertising revenue to the charity the user has selected.

So it’s a way for you as the user to generate a donation each day without reaching for your wallet. And we’re pretty sure you’ll love the wallpapers too!

How can we encourage the community to give more regularly and not just when a natural disaster strikes or around Christmas time?

This another one of the aspects that our partner charities see huge value in Little Lot. Our platform provides regular charity wallpapers updating the user about the projects the charities are working on and what your contributions are achieving. So for example, if you’ve selected Sustainable Coastlines, you might get a wallpaper featuring Piha Beach and the team that have just volunteered to clean it up.

What's the fastest way to help the causes within the Little Lot program?

It’s quick and easy. Go to our website and click download at the top right. You go through a simple sign up process, select which cause you want to support, and then you’ll receive your first wallpaper – that’s your first contribution right there. Each branded wallpapers you receive after that is making a contribution towards your chosen charity.